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admin Forum Updates: Spam, Copyright, and the Future

by Rakano -

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Hey Members,

We've had a tough week here on the team. We've been dealing with some issues with some models, and some copyright issues. We've also had most of our results removed from Google search because of a lot of spam comments, like "thank you" or random keyboard mashing. The goal is to write a comment that is related to the thread.

We've made some major security fixes and also adjusted some permissions. We've also changed how the forum works. You no longer need to comment to see the hidden content. Just react with the hidden post and you'll be able to see the content. Please don't write any comments that are meaningless or spam, like "thank you." or "gfdgfd" There are some bots that will flag these comments and could lead to your account being banned.

Unfortunately, during the site migration, we had to delete about 2,000 threads due to spam in the comments. We're working on getting this under control.

There is no solution to the copyright issues other than to keep adding new content as we always have. If these attacks continue, we will unfortunately have to shut down the Forums. We don't receive any support, and the memberships that have been sold only cover the cost of running the server and some tools.

For now, we'll keep providing new content. If you like any content that has been uploaded to MEGA, please download it to your device. We're reducing our expenses to keep going, and we can't keep all of the data for an extended period of time.

On your end, we would appreciate it if you could help us spread the word about the forum on other sites. This will help us get more members and keep Google from flagging the forum as spam. Please also avoid posting meaningless content, like "thank you" or random keyboard mashing.

Thanks for your understanding.

NudoFans Team
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Please write or share a content related to the thread and refrain from unnecessary replies like 'thank you' to avoid being banned. You only need to react the post to view the hidden content.

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